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Love Quotes

  • Love is not what you can receive
    It`s all about what you can give.
    Love is taking a few steps backward
    Maybe even more to give way to the
     Happiness of the person you love.
    Anyone can
    Catch your eye
    But it takes someone special to catch your 

Poem: Capture In A View

A Time felt In Silence.

On a surface of hearts touch.

Capture In a View.

He held fast to his dream.

He Spoke for All.

In the Movement call Freedom!

Knowledge taken from railroad philosophy.

And over Yonder!

Towards the Mountain!

Across the waters.

Near the Valley  near a bay.

Capture In View.

A Dream felt among many In Silence.

He was the voice of Equality.

He fought for Courage!


Love And Freedom.


One of His Famous Quotes He Spoke

Love Is the Force capable of transforming an enemy Into a friend.




To never be forgotten

Civil Rights


Non Violent



A Night Feeling Dream

I was driving on the road

It was pitch dark out side

Not a Soul


I was In my car with my  hands on  my car  wheel.  

I lean over with one hand and open my car door.

I got out of my navy blue sedan.

In the dream a room was there I could not  justify why?

I could not even pin point the reason why my panic arose, It was something out of my control .

I dream I was driving on a dirt road I could see the sky ‘

It was misty and gray

In an odd way,

I open my eyes and the dream was over.

From my bedside table  I could see the blue color from my TV , the feeling of the night made me feel blue .

I wish the feeling would go away .

I was drowning

In my tears,

I wish the feeling would wash all over me.

I was drowning In my own fear

I was completly terrified ,

I did try to memorize the dream

But my thoughts were completly gone , Not by chance  but just In a weird thought a dream where I felt completly out of control a dream of a night feeling.


Beautiful to know
I was in your mind
beautiful to know
you love my touch.
you touch me with a softness.

I love the way
you make me feel.

I love the  feel of you as you touch my face

it puts me a trance.

A feeling beautiful and quite love.

Beautiful to know.

You say you want me today

and each and every day.

Beautiful to know

you feel the same way

I do.

Written by -OPAL INGRAM



The rain left in a chemistry of delight we lay on the grass the moon sat up still driving me wild , the moon glow it light fell over our tent  with no regrets , the rain left  In a chemistry of delight.

Written by OPAL INGRAM


My Turning Point

My turning point came as a complete surprise.

I stood on the edge of darkness

, It seem Impossible  to go through my journey  with out a doubt of fear.

I felt fear creeping  in my heart.

I saw myself  as a victim.

it meant  that I accepted what was happening to me .

It stumble my growth,

Process .

I gain my strength with no excuses and

Tuck my fear underneath  my pride.

And reach my turning  point

Where my faith took over my fear and

I reach my 360

My turning point.

Written by-Opal Ingram