Most People

Most people barely know themselves

Character Is Everything.

You must admire you and love you.

Courage Is always grace under pressure.

Most people you meet are fighting a battle you know nothing about.

People will try to ruin your character if they can’t find nothing about you they will create something.

Be around people that value you.

The Choice Belongs To You.

Love yourself enough to create a Happy environment for your well being.

You matter.

What you allow will continue In life.

You can change anything your not happy with.

The choice belongs to you.

The part of allowing is to accept the things you actually do not deserve .

Don’t ever allow someone to treat you poorly just because you love them.

Don’t allow someone to be intentionally unkind to you.

You deserve better.

Normal people don’t go around setting out to Hurt people.

I use to think being alone was the worst thing anyone could go through.

It not , the worst thing ever is to be with people that make you feel alone.

I use to think?

Why are, they treating me so crappy, If I am so kind to them.

Normal people don’t treat people crappy.

Don’t allow waiting to just become someone habit of some one else perception of you, or who you ought to be.

Your not a option break the rules.

Give but don’t allow to be use.

Listen but don’t lose your voice.

Trust but don’t be a fool.

The choice belongs to you.

God has a reason for allowing people to walk out of your life.

He will replace those people with better people to be around , that totally care for you.

You are allow to be detach to become you.

Allow yourself, to be who you are.

Don’t allow someone to steal your joy.

The choice belongs to you.

Poem- A Shade In The Silence

A shade in the silence.

A shade of a moment

In the moment of silence.

Take a breathe.


Stand up!


We have been the worst ever.

The chains have been broken.

We March un-a shame.

Conscious of the indifference.

We felt that!

Racism is real.

Felt among every.

We are more under our skin.

Every thing not as it seems

A shade of silence with a broken heart.

We are tired.

Enough Is Enough.

Poem- Others Care

Living in the day.


Breathing air.

Others just like me.

Just like you.

Life Is fair.

Boundaries are every where.

They care.

We care.

Others care.

Peace and Love.

We know un-shame.

Some do not care.

They have come to turmoil.

With a ruthless heart with aimless actions.

Life is fair.

Breathe .

We dream with our eyes open.

Hands up to the air.

God sees he cares.

I care.

They care.

Others care.

In different colors our beauty.

Of our ancestors before pave the way for others before for you.

Black like me.

In every color that is others care.

Black like me.

Others care.