Silence Stood

It all started when Susan loss her inner self.

In a world where lying was normal and scary.

She uprooted herself and built up her mind.

Her soul became fragile.

She became vulnerable she surrounded herself around so many secrets.

Only to protect her inner strength.

Silence taught her the truth even

In a lie she learn what real meant.

Silence stood in a shadow it lurk out everything she wanted to know about herself.

Consistency was her power where silence always stood.

In a world where lying was so normal.

She became brave.

Silence stood it open her mind to all the endless possibilities to let go of all the unwanted desires and baggage of things of no substance.

She knew if she went back things would always be the same so she changed herself.

” She silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in and found, her own lane and proceeded to win.

portrait photo of woman in black top posing
Photo by Bruno Thethe on

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